Happy pigs and angry cows - AI can tell the emotions of farmyard animals


Daniel Harries, China Global Television Network (CGTN)



An AI-powered computer system can identify the emotions of animals, detecting whether they are happy or sad, aggressive or excited.


Based at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands, the technology's developers hope that the system will improve the quality of life for animals.


The system, named WUR Wolf, analyses tens of thousands of images of cows and pigs from 6 farms across the world.


The animal's facial expressions and physiological state are fed into WUR Wolf, along with data denoting the context of when the images were taken - feeding time, being around other animals, the arrival of friendly farmer - to infer an emotional state, accurate 85 percent of the time.


The AI identified 13 facial expressions, primarily based on the cows and pigs respective movement of...


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