Red meat more than just protein: the science proves it


Beef Central (AU)



An important seminar at Beef Australia 2021 in Rockhampton next week is set to explore the small but developing trend among health-conscious consumers to include red meat and healthy fats as part of a balanced, nutrient-rich diet.


AgForce’s ‘Red meat under attack: the history, vested interests, and the real science’ seminar includes keynote speaker  Dr Gary Fettke. Dr Fettke says the negative publicity surrounding red meat in recent years was the result of clever marketing by anti-farming lobby groups and big business seizing the opportunity to fill supermarket shelves with mass-produced products at the expense of an important food source that has sustained people for thousands of years.


“There are companies out there lining their pockets at the expense of the facts and the real science,” Dr Fettke said.


“There hasn’t been a single randomised controlled trial – the gold standard of science – carried out that proves the link between red meat and an increase in the types of diseases many health practitioners and many governments would have you believe.


“All the studies professing to support a link between red meat and health problems are low-quality, observational studies that make for good headlines and fuel the desires of anti-farming lobbyists and corporations with an interest in undermining the benefits of red meat.


“Instead, they want consumers to survive on products that come out of a packet. This is “food” with absolutely no nutritional value, that contributes to a wide range of diseases, including type 2 diabetes.


“Look at the ingredients list on a plant-based protein source, then look at the ingredients of a steak...