National Pork Board Highlights New ‘Bacon Obsession Menu’ at IHOP


By Eric Pfeiffer, Hoosier Ag Today

Apr 26, 2021


It’s no secret that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more consumers are cooking and eating at home. The question becomes, what does this mean for foodservice, as restaurants start to re-open.


The National Pork Board is working to help restaurants innovate, in order to stand out and drive demand. Partnering with IHOP, the Pork Checkoff provided industry insights and data that informed their latest promotion.


“The promotion is called the Bacon Obsession Menu. And it really is focused around this limited time offer that includes steak house premium bacon. So, it’s bacon it’s five times thicker than any other bacon that you’ve ever seen, something that you would normally find at a fine dining establishment, not necessarily a family dining type restaurant. So, it’s very unique in that standpoint, and then also included, they have a steak house premium bacon burger, candy bacon pancakes and then a maple bacon milkshake. And their VP of Culinary and R&D commented in an interview, bacon, is our French fries, 50 percent of our customers order bacon. So, we’re taking it to the next level and really what the chain is doing is they’re capitalizing on a consumers love affair with bacon.”


According to Hull, there is good news for pork producers, as IHOP– located in all 50 states– elevates bacon beyond its traditional breakfast position...