Largest White Castle in the world will open in Florida


by Andrew Harlan, ThatsSoTampa

April 26, 2021


White Castle, the popular burger hub with locations across the country, will open its very first Florida restaurant in Orlando on May 3, and it will be the largest White Castle in the world. Who else is making the trek for a few dozen sliders?


The quaint concept gained national notoriety in the early aughts when the film “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” hit screens. It’s since become a cult hit, and with its cinematic status has created a generation of folks endeared to the palm-sized sliders. Yes, White Castle is also the fast food joint where you can get a brief case (crave case) full of burgers.


It’s set to open soon just outside Disney World. The space measures 4,567 square feet, and will employ around 120 people in the Orlando area.


The menu also offers up...