CME Group Expands Daily Price Limits for Grains


By Sara Schafer, AgWeb

April 26, 2021


The CME Group announced after a routine biannual review, it has decided to expand daily price limits for Chicago Board of Trade grain and soy futures. The new limits will take effect May 2 for trades dated May 3.


Here are some of the new limits. (It also widened limits for oats, rough rice, lumber futures and other grain futures contracts.)


Corn: 40 per bu. (currently at 25 per bu.)

Soybeans: $1 per bu. (70 per bu.)

Soymeal: $30 per short ton ($25 per short ton)

Soy oil: 3.5 per lb. (2.5s per lb.)

SRW and HRW wheat futures: 45 per bu. (40 per bu.)


Price limits...