New Feral Pig Bait Shows Promise


By Jennifer Shike, FarmJournal's Pork 

April 26, 2021


As the feral pig problem continues to explode throughout parts of the U.S., scientists with the Louisiana State University AgCenter and the LSU Department of Chemistry are developing a bait and delivery system to help reduce the population of feral pigs.


Glen Gentry, LSU AgCenter feral hog specialist, and John Pojman, a chemistry professor, have been working for years to create a bait and delivery system that minimizes the risk to off-target animals, the LSU AgCenter reports.


Scientists had to choose a formula that was more attractive to hogs based on features such as smell and texture than other animals such as deer or raccoons.


“It took us two years to determine what we were going to use in our matrix,” Gentry said in the release...





Farmers seek urgent help with feral pigs but national action plan months away


By Megan Hughes, ABC Rural Australia

Apr 26, 2021


Queensland farmer Lester Cronau's nightly war with feral pigs is costing him thousands of dollars, and for the next few months at least, he'll be fighting it alone.


On his sugar cane farm at Yerra, south-west of Maryborough, he has seen groups of up to 30 feral pigs roaming his land.


But despite the growing costs and frustration, a National Feral Pig Action Plan to help him and other farmers tackle the pests is still months away.


While exact figures are unknown, it is estimated there are 23 million feral pigs in Australia, costing the agricultural industry upwards of $100 million a year...


Action needed now ... 


Plan still months away ...