EU’s farmed animal welfare rules need ‘serious and extensive review’


By Camille Bello, Euronews



The pandemic has stressed the importance of a strong and sustainable food system and highlighted the links between our health, ecosystems, supply chains, and consumption patterns. Notably the one with farmed animals.


COVID-19 and climate change have alerted us of the need for a systematic change in the treatment of animals, says Inęs Ajuda, farmed animals programme leader at Eurogroup for Animals.


Polls across the block confirm our interest in the well-being of farmed animals.


“The welfare of farmed animals is a shared concern for Europeans and it is part of our shared identity to ensure that farmed animals have a life worth living,” says Olga Kikou, head of the charity Compassion in World Farming.


But animal welfare rules have not just come to the forefront during the pandemic and have been a hot topic for decades.


In the European Union, discussions started in the 80s, which led to the adoption of a series of directives to protect farm animals. But they are often criticised for being too vague...


The opportunity for change appears to be in the works ...


Choosing your animal products consciously ...