Corn Planting Slows, Soybean Seeding Pace Improves, USDA Reports

Nebraska Corn Farmers are More Than Half as Slow Planting Corn vs Their Average


By Mike McGinnis, Successful Farming - 4/26/2021


Corn planting progress slows, according to the USDA Crop Progress Report.


As of Sunday, the U.S. had 17% of the corn crop planted, below a 20% five-year average.




As of Sunday, Illinois farmers seeded 23% of this year’s corn crop vs. a 28% five-year average. Iowa farmers have put 20% of their corn in the ground vs. the 22% five-year average.


So far, Nebraska has only planted 6% of its corn vs. a 15% five-year average. North Carolina has 60% of its corn planted...






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