Cargill enters a joint venture with vegan fat and blood innovator Bflike


Industry Update

Apr 23, 2021


Cargill’s investment in Bflike will be realized through a 50-50 joint venture with Blue Ocean Xlerator NV (BOX), the Dutch private incubator and accelerator that created Bflike. Cargill refused to reveal the financial details of the contract.


The raw material giant said the deal would take place in response to the growing global desire for plant-based products that provide a “meat-like” experience.


Innovation of “virtually indistinguishable” analogs


Bflike has developed a patent-pending fat vegan fat and blood platform. It states that it provides a “substantially indistinguishable” plant-based meat and fish alternative to animal-based counterparts.


The company said the formulation could produce a finished product with similar cooked and raw visual appearance, textured mouthfeel, melting behavior, and cooking performance.


“At the heart of Bflike’s products is a combination of composition, patent-pending technology, and the fact that our products can be manufactured on standard machines. Two patent applications have been filed, one unique. For vegan blood composition (applicable in 2021), the other for vegan fat analog platform (applicable in 2020). “Bflike CEO Koosvan Haasteren told Food Navigator.


Bflike licenses proprietary technologies and premixed ingredients solutions to food manufacturers and retailers to help them commercialize their own meat and fish alternatives.


“Bflike offers technology that leverages the machines commonly used in meat products. Licensees do not have to buy expensive equipment or use expensive technology.”van Haasteren pointed out.


“What sets Bflike products apart from other meat-like products is the unique combination of unique processing methods and premixed ingredients. The advantages are excellent texture, taste, cooking behavior, and cost savings. “


Cargill offers expertise in speed, scale and procurement ...


Plant-based extension “complement” of animal protein ...