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·         Can meatless meat help combat climate change?

·         Biden’s climate change plan may not nix cheeseburgers, but science says beef should be on the chopping block



Can meatless meat help combat climate change?


By Tom Vacar, KTVU FOX 2 (CA)

Apr 26, 2021


OAKLAND, Calif. - When we think of global warming and climate change, we most often think of vehicle exhaust, factory fumes, smoke and the rest of the world burning anything and everything to warm people and catch up with wold wide manufacturing and economics.


But, farm animals, worldwide, contribute a huge amount of earth-warming greenhouse gases.


A cooler, healthier, safer world demands far less atmospheric pollution.


Make no mistake, the overwhelming majority of humans eat meat. They like its texture, appearance, fat, aroma and, most of all, the taste.


But, UN scientists calculate that livestock accounts for about 15 percent of annual human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, two-thirds of that coming from producing meat and milk.


Livestock produces methane...





Biden’s climate change plan may not nix cheeseburgers, but science says beef should be on the chopping block

A GOP social media frenzy about Biden banning beef has no meat to it, but beef plays significant role in greenhouse gas emissions


By Laura Reiley, The Washington Post

April 26, 2021


Biden is not coming for Americans’ Big Macs, chicken wings or bacon.


Over the weekend the Twitterverse exploded with GOP fears that, to meet the administration’s goals of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by the end of the decade, Americans would be required to curtail their meat consumption.


The fears were flamed by a Thursday story in the British tabloid Daily Mail that suggested that to meet Biden’s climate change goals, Americans would need to limit red meat consumption to four pounds a year or about a hamburger a month, prompting outrage from Fox News’s Larry Kudlow as well as much of the Internet.


So far, there doesn’t appear to be any evidence that the White House plans to make any declarations about red meat or hamburgers in regards to climate change policy. And the U.S. Agriculture Department dismissed such suggestions on Monday.


“This is a fabrication,” said a USDA spokesman. “There is no such effort or policy that exists by this administration. It’s not a part of the climate plan nor the emissions targets. It is not real.”


However, there is a lot of research when it comes to the contribution of industrial agriculture to the greenhouse gases that are warming the planet...


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