Amazon to Pass Walmart in U.S. Retail Sales in 2025, Report Says


·         Edge by Ascential report measures total value of goods sold

·         The feat will require Amazon to retain customer goodwill


By Spencer Soper, Bloomberg 

April 27, 2021 Inc. will supplant Walmart Inc. as the biggest U.S. retailer by 2025, according to a new report, suggesting the e-commerce giant has too much momentum for Walmart to stop despite big investments in its own e-commerce offerings.


By 2025, U.S. shoppers will buy $632 billion worth of products at Amazon and retail afflilites including Whole Foods Market, surpassing Walmart’s $523 billion, according to the report by Edge by Ascential, which measured the value of all goods sold by each company online and in stores with the exception of gasoline. Edge by Ascential helps brands sell products online and in stores.


To assess the relative size of Amazon and Walmart, Edge used gross merchandise volume, which measures how much money shoppers spend at each company. Traditionally company size is measured by comparing revenue, but doing so in this case doesn’t capture the full picture because the two companies have different models...


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