Pig fighters without borders

An international working group hopes to make the fight against wild pigs a consistent one


By Alexis Stockford, Manitoba Co-operator

April 6, 2021


The fight against wild pigs will have a newly united front in Western Canada and the western United States, should recommendations published late last year by an international working group get their way.


Manitoba is among the provinces and states to throw its weight behind the body, which launched last year in an effort to take wild pig control to the next level.


The southern U.S. is the typical cautionary tale when Western Canada starts talking wild pigs, but in places like Montana, the largest wild pig threat comes from this side of the border.


“We want to have a consistent message and strategy across the west,” Stephanie Criswell, Montana Invasive Species Council co-ordinator (and one of those involved with the working group), said.


In January of last year, local invasive species councils in Montana and Washington tested the waters on what would soon become an international gathering...