Green Monday Unveils Plant-Based Pork OmniMeat In Stores Across Australia


By Tanuvi Joe, Green Queen (Hong Kong)

Apr 7, 2021


Green Monday’s food tech arm OmniFoods debuted its plant-based pork mince analogue OmniMeat in Australia last week and the vegan-friendly product will be available in various local supermarkets as well as in major Asian supermarkets across Sydney this month (April) with plans to be on more shelves across Asian grocery and independent stores very soon.


With recent launches in Japan and Malaysia, OmniMeat has become a favored plant-based ingredient across the APAC region, used by chefs and home cooks alike in meal preparations and appearing on menus everywhere from famed Michelin-starred restaurants to neighbourhood cafes.


Last week, the group made its first commercial foray into Australia in order to meet the increasing demands of plant-based consumers in the country. The sector is showing encouraging growth, with Australian alternative protein think tank Food Frontier’s most recent report valued the sector at AU$185 million in 2020 (approx. US$142 million).


Back in 2020, OmniFoods debuted OmniPork Luncheon and OmniPork Strip, as well as a ready-to-eat dish series, OmniEat, in an effort to provide healthy and sustainable food to consumers...


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