Dutch Alt Protein Player Schouten Unveils Plant-Based Chicken & Beef To Promote Food Systems That Rely Only On Plants


By Tanuvi Joe, Green Queen (Hong Kong)

Apr 7, 2021


Dutch family business and plant-based producer Schouten Europe recently debuted its plant-based chicken and beef to provide sustainable and healthy alternatives to the conventional meats that the company says brutally exploit animals and leave a high carbon footprint on the environment.


Since the 1990s, Schouten has been working on developing plant-based proteins and supplies its products in over 50 countries catering to the increasing plant-based demand across the globe.


Back in January, the company unveiled its plant-based tuna called TuNo, a vegan-friendly alternative to tuna fish, with each 100 gram serving boasting 17 grams protein. TuNO can be utilized the same preparations that tuna is called for, including salads, wraps, and sandwiches.


This time, the food tech pioneer is back with a plant-based chicken alternative made from wheat and pea protein that offers 18.3 grams of protein for with every 100 gram serving. Schouten is also debuting a range of plant-based beef analogues made from soya, wheat and peas. Every 100 gram serving contains 22.7 grams of protein pieces. The products are low in both saturated fat and salt, and can easily be incorporated into a range of dishes...


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