The new normal in livestock feed biosecurity

Disease risk in imported feeds needs to be taken seriously


By Meristem Land & Science

via Grainews (Canada) - April 6, 2021


New research is showing that animal feed can carry major animal disease including African Swine Fever (ASF), says Scott Dee, veterinarian and director of applied research for Minnesota-based Pipestone Veterinary Services.


In a presentation to hog producers at the Banff Pork Seminar earlier this winter, Dee gave an update on a rapidly changing world of feed biosecurity in North America.


The concept of animal feed as a previously overlooked risk factor came to light following the introduction of PEDv into U.S. swine herds in May 2013.


Feed ingredients and prepared diets were not considered as potential vehicles for pathogen transport and transmission before then, and no standard biosecurity practices were in place even though swine facilities frequently received new products and supplies daily or weekly.


The link between diet and disease transmission has raised concerns that U.S. herds could become infected with foreign pathogens through contaminated feed and feed ingredients originating from countries with endemic disease and lax sanitation and quality-assurance procedures.


Feed can support viruses ...