National Pork Board unveils new websites


By Brent Barnett, Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network

April 6, 2021


The National Pork Board has upgraded two of its websites.


National Pork Board member Russ Nugent says the newly released and were created with ease of access in mind for both consumers and producers.


I think we took a very good website and advanced the thought process by deciding you know what, we can take research, promotion, education in a way, divided in two, and folks that are looking to understand a little better, hey, I need some innovative recipes, want to make sure Im cooking this right I have some questions about the nutritive value, the safety, those sort of things, put that in one website, so folks can just go to that immediately now with less overall content., Nugent said. It is much easier to put the important categories at the very top of the website and its right there for you to see.


And then on another website, he continued...