Montana ranchers switch to later calving


By Justin Post, Agrinews (IL)

April 05, 2021


PARADISE VALLEY, Mont. (AP) — One recent afternoon, three generations of the Andersen family climbed onto four-wheelers and a mini-pickup and motored into a field to check on this year’s calves.


Debbie Andersen, who grew up here on the family ranch along McDonald Creek in Paradise Valley, drove her four-wheeler through scattered clumps of snow as a group of cows and their new calves milled about in the unseasonably warm sun.


Her husband, Jerry Andersen, made his way toward another group of cattle gathered across the field as their son, Kyle, and Kyle’s oldest daughter, Daisy, 3, returned from a short walk after finding a deer antler.


The Andersens are like many Park County ranchers who are working through the annual calving season, which typically wraps up in late March or in early April, the Livingston Enterprise reported...


... For a number of reasons, the Andersen family long ago settled on late January to begin calving, yet other ranchers shoot for calving in March or April, or later.


“There are some people that have even moved it back to May and June, but for us it’s worked good, so we’re going to stick to what we use,” Debbie said of calving in January...


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