World's First Plant-Based Burger Patty Developed From Microalgae Contains 2x More Protein Than Beef


Stuti Verma, Vegan First

6 April 2021


As the alternative protein industry is growing, food technologists are applying innovative methods of producing plant-based meats. Recently, Israeli Redefine Meat which uses 3D-printers to create plant-based beef caught the eye of investors.


A Singapore-based start-up called Sophie's Bionutrients has created the first-ever plant-based meat made from microalgae. This plant-based product not only replicates the texture of meat, but also has twice the protein content of beef and most commercial fish.


Every 60 grams of the burger contains the nine essential amino acids and 25 grams of protein. It is also high in Vitamin B12 and low on sodium.


Sophie's Bionutrients uses a patent-pending technology and single-cell microalgae to create a protein-rich flour. The flour is chewy and has a texture like meat, and is formed into burger patties, along with a mixture of ten spices...