English pork processors seek help after China ban

Beijing slow to reinstate imports from meat plants that have suffered Covid outbreaks


Judith Evans in London, Financial Times

Apr 5, 2021


English pork processors are seeking up to £15m of government support after China halted imports of meat, including trotters and pigs’ heads, from plants experiencing coronavirus outbreaks.


The industry estimates 1m pig carcasses have been affected by the suspension of some exports to the world’s largest pork market.


Chinese consumers relish parts of the pig, such as trotters and heads, that are unpopular in the UK, so selling them to China had helped maintain profitability in the UK’s £1.6bn pig sector.


Pork processors and farmers have met regularly with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs this year as part of a new forum called the UK Agriculture Market Monitoring Group. They have discussed pressures on the industry and the potential for financial support.


Farmers are separately seeking £3.2m to help them deal with the impact of a backlog of pigs on farms because of post-Brexit trade blockages...