China reports African swine fever outbreak in Xinjiang


Reporting by Emily Chow, Reuters

April 5, 2021


SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China reported an outbreak of African swine fever in Xinjiang region, the agriculture ministry said on Monday.


The outbreak occurred on a farm of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps with 599 pigs...





African swine fever still ‘major risk factor’ for China as it bans Malaysian pig imports over outbreak fears


·         The deadly African swine fever once killed half of China’s pig population, sending the price of pork skyrocketing, and six small outbreaks have been reported since the start of 2021

·         China banned all imports of pigs, boars and related products from Malaysia this week after it detected its first-ever African swine fever outbreaks last month


Orange Wang, South China Morning Post (China)

12 Mar, 2021


African swine fever remains a “major risk factor” for China’s pig production after the government this week was forced to step up its efforts to control a resurgence of the disease at home and in neighbouring countries.


With concerns the African swine fever re-emergence may threaten efforts to rebuild its national pig herd, raising questions about food security and consumer inflation outlook, China has issued a new import ban and also cracked down harder on fake vaccines for the deadly disease that once killed half of the nation’s pig population.


“At present, African swine fever is still a major risk factor affecting our country’s pig production,” China’s Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs said this week...


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