… the veterinary world under covid-19…



When proximity matters


Pig World (UK)

April 2, 2021


Annie Davis, Associate at George Veterinary Group Pig Practice, consultant vet for PIC UK and PVS President 2014-15 discusses the veterinary world under covid-19.


Spring is usually busy in the veterinary world. Our colleagues in farm practice are busy lambing and calving and we are caught up in the expected upturn in respiratory disease and seasonal blips in S.suis.


Our clinical practice has not been as dramatically affected as other professions. We have managed, in most cases, to perform visits sufficiently distant with additional PPE. Where this has not been possible then remote visits for auditing purposes have usually sufficed.


When it comes to clinical problems on farm, remote consultations have not been as straightforward. We have had producers performing post mortem examinations over video call, with stage directions communicated down the line (‘just shift that bit to one side – oooh, cut into that please…’). In simple cases this has been diagnostic and we have been able to address the issues remotely.


There have been many cases where our presence remotely has not been as satisfactory…