Futuristic lab-grown meat may be healthier


Liz Hobday, Australian Associated Press

via Blue Mountains Gazette (AU) - Apr 4, 2021


Meat grown in a laboratory is possibly healthier than meat from slaughtered animals.


"If it's done right it will be more healthy," Johannes le Coutre from the UNSW School of Chemical Engineering told AAP.


Producing meat in a laboratory involves taking cells from a live animal using a biopsy, before growing the cells in a large vat called a bioreactor - but commercial production is still some years away.


The process gives scientists a large amount of control over the nutritional content, and avoids the antibiotics often used in commercial agriculture.


Alan Barclay from Dieticians Australia agrees it's possible lab-grown meat might be healthier, but warned there are unknowns, including whether any additional nutrients will be "bioavailable" for the body to use.


"To say that it will be more nutritious is probably difficult to prove right now, but there's a lot of good reasons for exploring it," Dr Barclay told AAP.


Scientists are still working out how to make the meat product tasty, affordable, and socially acceptable...


... "The sustainability and ethical arguments are very strong," he said...