As 36,500 acres of Colorado farm/ranch land head for the auction block, wheat and cattle markets look bright

‘The rental market for farmland is strong—lots of interest from local operators wanting to lease acreage from owners.’


By Mark Samuelson | Sponsored Content at Denver Post (CO)

April 2, 2021


With the outlook for both wheat and beef prices looking strong over the next five years, farming and ranching are gaining appeal both as destinations for investors and as a career for young talent.


“We’re seeing younger people that have come back into agriculture, and most of them are doing fine,” says Brett Legg, president of Eastern Colorado Bank in Cheyenne Wells, 2-1/2 hours east of Denver, where 36,500 acres of farm and ranch land are headed for auction on April 20.


That’s a huge amount of land, and a very unusual offering, says Scott Shuman, a partner in Hall and Hall, brokers/auctioneers who have been selling western real estate since the 1940s.

This offering, with Hall and Hall wielding the gavel, is an assemblage of non-contiguous parcels that Cheyenne County farmer/rancher Harold Rother assembled over decades from an original 320-acre purchase that he and his brother made in the early 1950s.


Hall and Hall’s high-tech farm auctions are an ideal way to bring a complex offering like that to market. The Rother holdings are divvied into 28 parcels, offering specialized varieties for individual investors or operators. There are tracts designed around either farming or ranching—including some 1,800 acres of irrigated land...


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