Moody’s affiliate says high pork prices risk complicating Asia-Pacific recovery


Khmer Times (Cambodia)

April 2, 2021


Moody’s Analytics is warning that a second wave of African swine fever could destabilise the agricultural sector in Asia-Pacific countries.


In a report received from Hong Kong Thursday, the affiliate of U.S. credit rating agency Moody’s Investors Service said new cases had been detected in several parts of China since the second half of last year.


The report said the disease had also resurfaced in many other parts of Asia — including the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia — and that variants were harder to detect.


“A possible second full wave of African swine fever threatens to destabilise the agricultural industries in China and the Asia-Pacific region,” the report said.


Moody’s Analytics economist Xu Xiao Chun noted that African swine fever caused pork prices in China to double in 2020 because of high demand and low substitutability...