Kansan Sees Firsthand Results of Checkoff


Source: Kansas Beef Council

via Drovers - April 1, 2021


“Decisions are made by the people who show up,” Randall Debler repeated. As a full-time cattleman in Alma, Kansas, his personal philosophy of giving back and showing up for the important decisions means he whole-heartedly represents beef producers on the Kansas Beef Council (KBC) in his current role as vice chairman of the KBC Executive Committee.


“I have had the privilege of seeing firsthand all the great things we can do, and are doing, with Beef Checkoff funds,” he said. Debler will take the reins as chairman in 2022. “I really wanted to sit with people who care as much about the beef industry and want to see it prosper as much as I do. The industry has done so much for me and this was an avenue for me to give my time and effort back.”


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