Idaho Pig Farm Devastated By Fire


By Garna Mejia, KSL TV (UT)

April 1, 2021


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – A family in Idaho Falls is reeling after a devastating barn fire killed more than 200 prized show pigs and six lambs.


The family said the loss is more than financial — but years of a daddy-daughter work team.


But they’re not giving up hope.


“The area is nice, the people around this area are fantastic,” Roz Romriell said.


For 12 years, Mark and Roz Romriell have been living their dream of owning a farm.


“We love being out this far and having this much land to do what we want with,” Roz Romriell said.


Raising and breeding show pigs was inspiration from their daughters, who started participating in 4-H competitions. The Romriells said their first year was a failure in the books, but their daughters were hooked, and they decided to breed their own pigs, eventually becoming producers.


“Since then it’s just gotten bigger, and bigger and bigger over time,” Roz Romriell said. “It’s been Mark and the girls primarily who run the farm. When people say family farm, it very much is that way here.”


But last Friday, the family’s years of hard work went up in flames...


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