U.S. Drought Monitor Map Mostly Unchanged as Northern High Plains Experience Wildfires


Oklahoma Farm Report

01 Apr 2021


Multiple low-pressure systems resulted in widespread precipitation from the Mississippi Valley to the East Coast during late March.


Additional improvements in drought conditions were noted from the previous two weeks across the Texas Panhandle while mostly dry weather saw drought expansion across parts of southeast Texas.


Meanwhile, another dry week along with strong winds resulted in a slight expansion of extreme drought (D3) across North Dakota and northern South Dakota. Consequently, this area has experienced an outbreak of wildfires in recent days.


Localized improvements were made to small areas of southern Colorado due to recent snow and rain events.


To view the U.S. Drought map, click here.


For Oklahoma, slight changes were made in the state’s drought map, going from 36.74 percent of drought coverage to 36.95 percent.


There is still that lingering sliver of D3 in northwest Cimarron County in the Oklahoma Panhandle that has persisted for months...


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