The per kilogram price of pork in North Korea has increased by 57% in the past six months

Pork prices started rising beginning in October of last year, recently exceeding KPW 20,000 per kilogram


By Mun Dong Hui, Daily NK (S.Korea)



North Korean pork prices have reportedly soared in the past six months. Some are saying that the North Korean authorities may have reached their limit in effectively adjusting pork prices, something they have done ever since the outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the country.


One kilogram of pork cost KPW 14,000 in Pyongyang as of early October last year. However, the same amount of pork recently traded for KPW 22,000, meaning that the price has increased by 57% in just six months.


Daily NK reported in October of last year that the sale of piglets was virtually suspended due to a resurgence of ASF in some areas of North Korea, causing prices to soar. Pork prices appear to have continued rising even after the publication of that report.


“Most sows in North Korea died from ASF, making it impossible to produce piglets,” Cho Choong-hee, the director of the Good Farmer’s Research Institute, recently told Daily NK. “They built pork-related factories in each province last year to bolster pork production, but because there are not enough pigs, these efforts have fallen short of expectations...