Beef-addicted Uruguay aiming to make farming greener


Borneo Bulletin (Brunei)

April 1, 2021


CERRO PELADO, URUGUAY (AFP) – Rotating cattle to keep the grass long, synching cows’ pregnancies and improving bovine diet are just some of the tactics Uruguayan farmers are using to mitigate the impact of cattle on climate change.


There are four cows for each person in Uruguay, the South American country of 3.4 million people where agriculture accounts for 75 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions.


A large part of that comes from the methane emitted by cattle, meaning Uruguay has no choice but to focus on livestock if it wants to combat global warming.


Cattle methane, which accounts for 62 per cent of emissions, “weighs heavily on climate change”, said the Livestock Ministry’s Coordinator Cecilia Jones on the issue...