Colorado looking to make it easier for ranchers to sell meat to consumers

Under bipartisan bill, people could buy a share in the animal and be OK with it being butchered in a facility that the USDA doesnít inspect


By Saja Hindi, Greeley Tribune (CO)

March 31, 2021


Colorado is about to let meat eaters buy steaks and pork chops directly from the producer, without involving an inspection from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Itíll cost you upfront in the form of buying a share of the animal before itís butchered, and you canít sue the producer if you get sick.


Rural Coloradans have been buying shares of meat from each other for years, but lawmakers want to expand it to the rest of the state ó and mandate that producers make it clear to consumers that the meat has not been federally inspected.


Sponsors of the bill, which unanimously passed the House and Senate but needs a final vote after some small changes before itís sent to Gov. Jared Polis, say itís a chance to make locally sourced meat more available.


They also said itís in response to the bottleneck in meat production that happened during the pandemic. Some large meatpacking plants had to shut down or scale back production because of COVID outbreaks, which led to higher prices and less meat on grocery store shelves. And Coloradoís ranchers, who were seeing high levels of interest in their meat, had trouble keeping up with the demand and scheduling butchering in USDA-inspected meat plants...


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