Nestlé's Sweet Earth riding 'the chicken wave' as demand for plant-based offerings grows

The food giant launched its Mindful Chik'n line in 2019 with the brand outperforming expectations, giving executives confidence to push ahead with new product launches.


Christopher Doering, FoodDive

April 1, 202


As consumers clamor for more variety in plant-based meat, Nestlé's Sweet Earth said it is taking the "opportunity to ride the chicken wave" as it fights to become a market leader in the fast-growing segment, said Jesse Curtis, who oversees the brand for the food giant.


Sweet Earth launched its first Mindful Chik'n line in 2019, the same year its debuted its faux beef options in Awesome Burger and Awesome Grounds. The alternative poultry quickly "outperformed our business expectations," Curtis said, which has given the brand momentum to push ahead with new flavors and products that incorporate Mindful Chik'n.


"Consumers can only eat so many [plant-based] burgers," said Curtis. "People are looking for new options and new choices in the grocery store. Chicken is kind of the next wave to it."


Sweet Earth is adding three new varieties to its Mindful Chik'n Strips line that are central to the brand's push to not only give consumers more flavor options, but to also provide more opportunities to use its products at home or on the go. Shredded Seasoned Chik'n has a classic carnitas-style marinade compatible with salad and sandwiches; the Chipotle Chik'n Strips can feature in tacos; and Shredded Korean Style BBQ is an option for sliders, according to a press release on the launch.


Nestlé's major foray in the U.S. in plant-based food...


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