NCBA's Voluntary Price Discovery Policy Approaches First Milestone Says Ethan Lane in The D.C. Office


Oklahoma Farm Report

01 Apr 2021


Voluntary efforts in developing more price discovery in the cattle market is nearing its first milestone, said Ethan Lane, NCBA vice president of government affairs.


NCBA policy established last summer a committee of producers to study the markets and render a decision after each quarter of the year.


Once we finish this quarter the committee will look back on the previous quarter on a week by week basis and determine if we have had enough negotiated trade to meet that standard throughout the country, Lane said.


Itís a work in progress as we have to consider if the February cold impacted the packing plants, he said.


The way our policy reads, if we have two of those triggers tripped over the next four quarters, we will start looking at legislative options, Lane said.


That is the most concrete effort NCBA can engage in, he said.


Even if the triggers are not tripped this is an issue dominating our industry right now, Lane said.


There are states that are all over the map on this issue, he said...


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