Knowing the ‘carbon score’ of a product could encourage ‘green’ purchases


ETX Daily Up

via Inquirer (Philippines) - April 01, 2021


Knowing the environmental cost of a food product thanks to a label could encourage consumers to choose more ecological alternatives. However in order to have the desired effect, Scandinavian researchers have shown that such product labelling should be mandatory.


Certain brands such as Sweden-based Oatly, United Kingdom-based Quorn, and United States-based Beyond Meat have been calculating the carbon footprint of their products and making this information available to the public, in some cases adding it to the label.


Carbon footprint labels often reveal information about the manufacturing, packaging, transport and waste management of a product. And other large companies are considering it. Meanwhile some countries and commercial regions (such as the European Union) have considered introducing standardized labelling.


A recent study conducted by the University of Copenhagen and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences suggests that introducing such a system on a large scale could have a positive outcome...