Calving Season at Oregon's Longview Ranch Boasts More than 700 New Cattle, Yearly


Source: Longview Ranch

via Business Wire - March 31, 2021


KIMBERLY, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Longview Ranch, located along Central Oregonís historic Route 19 in Kimberly maintains 30,000 stunning acres of diverse landscape.


In 2019, Longview Ranch decided to diversify its cattle breeding with the introduction of Charolais bulls. The team at Longview Ranch is now cross-breeding the Corriente horned cattle with the Charolais bulls, creating a high-quality beef product.


Every year, starting in early March, Longview Ranch leads its purebred Charolais bulls and Corriente horned cattle out to pasture. Since calves have a gestation period of nine months, this timing is perfect for a due date starting in late November or early December.


With the primary purpose of raising grass-fed cattle, Longview Ranch is fortunate to have 725 Corriente horned mother cattle on the property, meaning that about the same number of calves are born each year. Oregonís Longview Ranch is proud to raise these types of cattle because they make great mothers and give birth to hardy, active and alert calves that weigh an average of 45 to 60 pounds. Longview Ranchís mother cattle also have very high protein in their milk content and do an outstanding job raising their calf.


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Located along Central Oregonís historic Route 19 in Kimberly, Longview Ranch maintains 30,000 stunning acres of diverse landscape. Eight miles of the John Day River flows through the middle of the property, which operates primarily for the purpose of raising grass-fed cattle. With three tributaries sharing annual steelhead runs, Longview Ranch also manages 25,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) grazing grounds and 485 acres of irrigated hay producing land, which is home to 800 mother cows and 50 bulls.











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