Biden revenue plan includes 'marriage penalty' putting some couples at a ‘significant disadvantage,' expert says

Some earners would find themselves in a higher bracket if they get married


By Brittany De Lea, FOXBusiness

Mar 29, 2021


President Biden’s plan to raise revenue by increasing taxes on higher-income individuals and households appears to have a catch – it may penalize married couples.


The president has been clear all along that families earning up to $400,000 would not be the target of the tax hike, but it was unclear whether there would be a lower income threshold for individual filers.


Last week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told FOX Business’ Blake Burman that the threshold would also be $400,000 for individual filers.


Psaki gave the same answer when asked for clarification by a reporter on Monday.


Individuals who earn a lesser amount could be affected...