Laser system prevents bird flu spread on poultry farms


by FarmingUK Team

30 March 2021


Anti-bird flu laser technology developed in the Netherlands is being used to keep poultry ranging areas free from wild birds.


Dutch company Bird Control Group has been developing an automated bird deterrent system which uses lasers to spook wild birds, particularly waterfowl.


The lasers keep them away from free range hens and minimises the risk of them spreading avian influenza (AI).


This winter has seen the first major AI outbreak in the UK since 2016/17 and resulted in a housing order being enforced by Defra from 14 December.


It is hoped that the automated device has the potential to limit the need for future housing orders and could work in a similar way to netting ranges.


A recent study by researchers at Wageningen University has revealed a 99.7% reduction...


The research ...


In the UK ...