Angus takes shearing to LEGO land with woolshed idea


Terry Sim, BEEF Central (Australia)

February 22, 2021


A LEGO woolshed has put Tahara’s Angus Dohle on the path to recognition as a designer, but he needs the help of every Sheep Central reader and their friends.


After about two years of work, Angus, 15, has submitted his working LEGO woolshed — complete with shearers, sheep, wool, woolpress and a raised board — to the LEGO Ideas program.


LEGO Ideas invites LEGO fans to submit new, original, and creative ideas in the form of a “product idea” that others vote on and are then considered as potential new brick-based LEGO playsets.


Angus said his woolshed took time to build due to the need to find the right bricks, order it, wait till they arrive and then continue the next stage of his project.


“This is the first time I have designed and built something myself.”


Angus’s idea passed its first milestone on 16 February when he reached 100 supporters within 60 days of submitting it to LEGO. As a reward...


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