Protein 2021 conference: Feeding changing consumer habits


Beef Central (Australia)

February 22, 2021


GLOBAL demand for protein is increasing with consumption rising 40 percent since 2000, more than half of which is being driven by Asia.


In 2018-19, domestic and export sales of red meat totalled $28.5 billion, but the pandemic has impacted what’s on people’s plates.


Dr Mirjana Prica (left) , Managing Director of FIAL, said COVID-19 re-focused the attention on food safety, health and wellness, supply chain and provenance.


“The market is growing but it’s also changing, consumers will continue to demand protein, but the type of protein demanded by consumers is changing.


“There will always be a place for traditional proteins, but other categories like fish and alterative proteins are growing.”


“There is greater returns and value to be returned to producers if they are aware of what the market and consumers are wanting,” said Dr Prica.


Bruce McConnel (right), TSBE Food Leaders Australia (FLA) General Manager said there’s a number of reasons behind changing consumer habits and consumption behaviours around the world...


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