Advisory council named to steer national Food Policy


By D.C. Fraser, GFM Network News

via Canadian Cattlemen - February 19, 2021


Development of Canada’s Food Policy is taking a major step forward with the naming Friday of a new advisory council featuring industry, academic and government members tasked with guiding the policy.


Public consultations on a “Food Policy for Canada” started in 2017, leading to the release of a 2018 report from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada highlighting what was heard. The government in 2019 dedicated about $134 million to support the policy’s development and the creation of a national food system.


There are four pillars to the policy:


·         helping Canadian communities access healthy food;

·         making Canadian food the top choice at home and abroad;

·         supporting food security in Northern and Indigenous communities; and

·         reducing food waste.


The new council is to report to Agriculture Minister Marie Claude Bibeau and “bring together the expertise and diversity within the food system to address both the challenges of today and the future,” the government said in a release.


In total, 23 members were announced for the council...