Terrace Ridge Farm has beef down to a science


Stephanie M. Sellers, Sandhills Sentinel (NC)

February 18, 2021


Matthew Parker, of Terrace Ridge Farm, in Carthage, uses science to bring pasture-raised beef to market. Matthew produces his pasture-raised beef through regenerative farming techniques, a deep knowledge of animal biology and nutrition, and the experience that only years of cattle farming brings. That is why his beef is in high demand – it’s delicious and nutritious, and it is raised locally and sustainably.


Contact Matthew as soon as possible to place an order because once the vacuum-packed beef hits the shelves in his coolers, customers stream in and the shelves are empty again. The beef is dry-aged for two weeks before it is vacuum packed. His next orders of vacuum-packed beef will be delivered in March, but orders are being taken now.


Terrace Ridge Farm is a fourth-generation farm and a family tradition. Matthew’s great-grandfather purchased it in 1926 and raised dewberries, and his grandfather raised tobacco and cattle. Today, Matthew continues that cattle farming tradition.


“Matthew’s first memory is riding with me on the floorboard of our old Gleaner combine,” his father Michael Parker said. “He was just a toddler.”


Matthew graduated first in his class at North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in biological and agricultural engineering and a minor in soil science...