Red meat, green facts – embracing the emissions challenge


Jason Strong, Managing Director, Meat & Livestock Australia

via BEEF Central (AU) - February 19, 2021


While the decade old national policy debate around emissions reduction targets flared again last week, Australia’s red meat producers and businesses are continuing to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining and improving the environment.


The news may come as a surprise to some.  Unfortunately, we have grown a little too accustomed to seeing negative headlines around red meat’s impact on our environment, and not enough coverage of the positive, proactive steps our forward thinking industry is taking.


The reality is our industry is leading the way in the challenge to lower emissions and improve productivity, ensuring a steadfast commitment to intergenerational sustainability while producing some of the highest quality and in demand red meat in the world.


And regardless of any national policy debate – the red meat industry’s willingness to seize the initiative is something that Australians can proudly point to as a progressive and sensible pathway forward...