Will 2021 bring opportunity for pork producers?

Early indicators point to higher production in 2021, with heavier weights leading the way.


Steve Malakowsky, Compeer Financial

via National Hog Farmer - Feb 17, 2021


Turning the page on 2020 brings new hope and different attitudes across all spectrums. Certainly, the swine industry isn’t alone in the challenges we faced this past year, but we did have more than our share of adversity. The difficult part will be to sort through the data we have available to try to predict what 2021 will look like.


What we know


Even with a very difficult year in the packing industry, the U.S. hog farmer managed to market approximately 1% more pork, driven by an 8% increase in slaughter numbers for the first quarter of 2020. As we moved production through the system—one that was backed up due to COVID-19—third-quarter numbers were up almost 4%, which is much less than I would have expected. However, the true test will be watching the first-quarter numbers in 2021. That should be a very good indicator as to what the rest of the year’s growth or lack of will look like. 


2021 indicators ...


PRRS 1-4-4 ...