Tyson Foods will pay workers if they get COVID-19 vaccine while away from work

Tyson Foods will now pay its team members who receive the Covid-19 vaccine away from work. They already offer free, on-site Covid-19 vaccinations to U.S. workers.


Casey Frizzell, KFSM (AR)

February 17, 2021


SPRINGDALE, Ark. Note: The attached video is about a House investigation into the spread of COVID-19 at the nation's meatpacking plants.


Tyson Foods announced Wednesday (Feb. 17) that it would begin compensating its workers who get a COVID-19 vaccine outside of their normal shift or through an external source.


The company already offers free, on-site COVID-19 vaccinations at its U.S. plants, consistent with prioritization regulations and as vaccine supplies are available. Several hundred Tyson Foods team members, mostly health service staff and workers over the age of 65, have already been vaccinated, Tyson says.


Tyson will now also compensate workers for...


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