Herd that beef was grass-fed? KC inventor’s cattle facial ID could drive steak through origin uncertainty


By: Austin Barnes, Startland News (MO)

February 16, 2021


One of Kansas City’s most active serial inventors recently harvested his 88th patent, but it’s the revolutionary new way he’s using blockchain technology and augmented reality that’s turning heads (of cattle) down on the farm.


Shekhar Gupta’s latest reveal: a facial recognition platform specifically designed to identify and track bovine for the bottom line — reducing costs and upping accountability for ranchers.


“It’s a beef capital from Columbia, Missouri, to Manhattan, Kansas. The feedlot owners have millions of cows,” said Gupta, chief technology officer at Asuun — a division of The Solutions Group, explaining a problem unique to animal health corridor ranchers who’ve long made use of RFID tracking systems.


“They put RFID tags on their ears — and it works great because an RFID tag costs about $3 to $5. It works great for those ranchers who’ve got 200 and 300 cows … but here in this part of the world — think about it — that’s [something like] 5 million cows,” he continued, noting the near-constant buying and selling of cattle in the region means RFID tags regularly go missing, a problem that milks money from the collective pockets of ranchers.


“That’s $15 million in expenses every year. If they’re selling say one, two hundred or a thousand cows — and about a hundred of them lose the RFID tags in transport, how do you know which tag belongs to which cow? That creates a big, big issue for the supply chain.”


In response, Gupta developed...