More pigs rolled as COVID disruption continues


By Alistair Driver, Pig World (UK)

February 15, 2021


Pork production continued to be disrupted by COVID-19 and plant reliability last week, with more pigs rolled, according to Thames Valley Cambac.


The short kills in many plants lead to the excess number being rolled into this trading week.


“Here we were met with reduced allocations again,” TVC said in its latest market update. “Average weights continued to challenge previous records with the latest SPP sample up nearly 1kg at 90.52kgs.


“Many producers are having to adapt to these heavier weights and are adjusting diets accordingly. Demand, whether for retail or export seems steady at best and there are some reports of cheap imports appearing in certain outlets.”


Prices were similar, however, giving the market some welcome relief. The fresh meat market was very steady with little spark anywhere, and cull sows continued where they left off with little change in pricing or volumes...


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