Got Vegan Beef? Study Busts Myth That Plant-Based Labels Confuse Consumers

'Omitting words traditionally associated with animal products from the names of plant-based products actually causes consumers to be significantly more confused'


by Liam Gilliver, Plant Based News 

Feb 15, 2021


A new empirical study has busted the myth that consumers are confused by labels such as ‘meat’ and ‘milk’ on plant-based products.


The study – conducted by Cornell University – has been published in the Journal of Animal and Environmental Law.


It follows several legislations calling for a ban on plant-based products being labeled with reference to their meat/dairy counterpart.


Plant-based labels


“Companies typically use the terms ‘plant-based’ or ‘vegan’ on their labels alongside terms like ‘beef’ or ‘milk’ (e.g. Almond milk) to describe their products to consumers,” the study states.


“Numerous states have passed legislation and initiated enforcement actions against plant-based food companies to prohibit this labeling practice...


Dairy ban ...


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