National Pork Board building sustainability metrics for producers



via KMAland (IA) - Feb 13, 2021


(KMAland) -- America’s pork producers are setting new sustainability metrics designed to help ensure consumer confidence in pork, while adapting new technologies on the farm.


According to Brett Kaysen, Vice President of Sustainability with the National Pork Board, while building on the We Care Ethical Principles, producers are driven to meet consumer’s expectations and demonstrate their improvements in sustainability.


“And consumers expectations today is they're demanding to understand more about where their food comes from and what it takes to make that food and the inputs required. So, in the case of pork, what consumers really asking us about is what are pigs fed, how are they taking care of, how can I have trust and confidence in U.S. pork, so it starts with the end in mind is I'd like to say.”


Kaysen says, building on decades of continuous improvement by pork producers, work on the proposed sustainability metrics began in June of 2020. With producer input, the National Pork Board began building a sustainability framework based on...