EuroTier 2021: What’s on the horizon for the global pig industry?


by Megan Howell, The Pig Site

15 February 2021


Pig production economist Robert Hoste told delegates at the 2021 EuroTier Digital Conference that global pig farming has a bright future – with farmers increasing production outputs by 50% before 2050 – but only if they can stay ahead of skills shortages and disease challenges.


Speaking at the 2021 EuroTier Digital Conference, Robert Hoste, pig production economist from Wageningen University, explained that the global pig industry is poised for a bright future. In his role with Wageningen Economic Research, he explores the factors that underpin trends in global pig production. In his keynote presentation, “Pig farming of the future”, he said that despite upsets from ongoing outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) in Asia, global pig meat production could increase from 120 million metric tonnes (MMT) to 180 MMT by 2050. But the increase in output cannot happen in a business-as-usual scenario.


Hoste told delegates the swine sector has room to become more efficient – and this efficiency is key in achieving growth. The pig industry’s production outcomes vary widely between countries. Factors like production management, feed quality, swine health protocols and genetic stock all weigh on efficiency. By optimising these production factors, global carcase yields can increase sustainably, and pig producers can meet the protein needs of a growing global population.


How can we achieve these production outputs? ...


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