ASF Germany/Poland: Border zone tops 4,000 victims


Vincent ter Beek, Pig Progress

Feb 15, 2021


The death toll of African Swine Fever (ASF) amongst wild boar in the border zone between Poland and Germany has exceeded the 4,000 mark.


That becomes clear from an analysis of the latest data from authorities in both countries. In Germany, where reports were made public until February 5, the total count is now 685. In recent weeks, roughly 40-50 new infected wild boar were found per week.


Western Poland: Majority of ASF cases in Lubusz


On the other side of the border, in the cluster in Western Poland, the total number of victims by the morning of February 15 was 3,342. The vast majority of these were found in the border province Lubusz (2,780 wild boar 83% of the total in Eastern Poland).


The disease pressure near the Polish border town Leknica is remarkable. Leknica is adjacent to the southernmost of the 4 German core zones, in Saxony province. New cases were reported last week, on at least 10 locations around the town.


Reports of new finds in January 2021 in Western Poland are still coming in, so far the count for January alone is at 388 positive wild boar carcasses. December 2020 was the worst month in Western Poland so far with 504 wild boar victims.


More ASF measures needed in Berlin ...


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