Vaccination plans vary for food, ag workers


By Larry Lee, Brownfield

February 12, 2021


A lobbyist for agriculture says farmers need to make sure the food and supply chain employees are a priority when it comes to COVID-19 vaccinations.


Jordan Lamb with the DeWitt Law Firm says farmers and food processors do not get the same treatment nationwide. “Much of the confusion on vaccine rollout is because there is not a federal vaccine distribution plan. There are federal guidelines, but all vaccine distribution phases and timing have been left up to the states.”


Lamb says in some cases, vaccination schedules are left up to local units of government.  She says the Phase 1A vaccinations are for medical and first responders, with Phase 1B for essential workers, but some states did not initially include workers in the food supply chain for Phase 1B.


She says that changed in Wisconsin after food and farm workers spoke out during the public comment period...